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Glutathione And Skin Parasites Such as Morgellons--Rewriting DNA?

Itchy Skin Parasites are relatively new to our culture. In fact most doctors deny their existence and swear that sufferers of these itchy skin parasites have vivid imagination and instead have a obsession with parasites.

But maybe they are only new to our awareness. There's evidence that they've been around for centuries on a limited basis. Even Job of the Old Testament might have been the first recorded sufferer with the boils on his skin.

More recently the skin parasites have been given a name. It's know as Morgellon's disease. And for some, all itchy skin parasites are lumped into Morgellons. But that's not necessarily correct.  

My first experience with itchy skin parasites happened in the mid 90's before the word, "Morgellon's," came to be. Although I had many of the symptoms, I didn't have all of them.

The symptoms are:

•intense itchy skin


•non healing lesion

•hard nodules under the skin

•black specs

•red spots on the skin

•cotton like fuzz balls

•fibers growing from the skin

•chronic fatigue

•brain fog

•hair loss

• reduced body temperature 95-97 degrees F instead of 98.6•

It was assumed that if one had several of those symptoms, Morgellons was the culprit. But the amazing thing is that Morgellons can't be diagnosed--there are no medical tests to identify the parasite. This is why many doctors believe that it's a figment of the sufferers' imagination.

So for years I believed I had Morgellons. The message boards are full of people whose lives have literally been ruined--financially and socially.  

Fortunately for me I found that there is a relationship between the foods that I ate and the severity of the symptoms. If fact by avoiding certain foods all symptoms literally disappeared. I also found that ORAP, prescribed by my doctor, made the diet, which is a very strict diet, a bit more flexible.  

Later in 2004 I learned of other specific parasites which produce many of the symptoms listed above, but not all of them. Specifically there's Collembola--spring tails which many specialist argue can't exist on humans--and Strongyloides Stercoralis (a nematode). While Strongyloides Stercoralis can be identified and diagnosed via a blood serum test, Collembola can not be identified or diagnosed. But neither of these two parasites create fibers growing from the skin whereas Morgellon's produces fibers that are actually florescent under an ultra violet lamp.

I published the diet that I discovered. Since then dozens and dozens of parasites sufferers from all the parasites mentioned in this article have benefited. It alone has made a difference between being a financial disaster and a social outcast for nearly everyone who has used the diet.

For those with Strongyloides Stercoralis and Collembola the diet combined with ORAP has brought sufferers to some sort of normalcy to the point where they can be relatively lax in their diet and function normally.

Morgellon's sufferers, on the other hand, had to stay with the strictest part of the diet to get rid of the intense itching. If you read much about Morgellons, you'll find that many believe that there's evidence that Morgellons rewrites one's genetic code--rewirtes the DNA. This is not surprising as there are many free radicals that do exactly that--often creating cancers. But in this case, Morgellons.

In December of 09 we might have witnessed our first real progress against Morgellons with the use of a glutathione accelerator.  

Glutathione is a tri peptide that occurs naturally in every cell. It is the most powerful antioxidant you can ever have in your body.

We found that Morgellons sufferers incorporating a specific glutathione accelerator with the diet that I discovered (the King DietSM because it's King--nothing better) began experiencing powerful improvements in their physical conditions. Why is this so?

Connecting the dots we know that stress, disease, infections, aging, drugs, pollution, radiation and so on deplete the body's stores of glutathione. With insufficient glutathione Morgellons can easily rewrite the genetic code and run rampant. However, by significantly boosting glutathione we seem to be stopping the reign of Morgellons.  

Using this specific glutathione accelerator, which boosts glutathione intra cellularly by 276% within two weeks, those using it along with the diet notice many changes:

•hard nodules decrease in size

•fewer lesions and less frequently

•brain fog associated with the disease goes away

•inflammation and pain associated with the disease go away

•improved color of skin

•spider-like lines under the skin diminish

•fatigue disappears

Although boosting glutathione does not replace diet and specific medications in the fight against Collembola and Strongyloides Stercoralis, it does make both far more effective and it clears up inflammation and associated pain, and brain fog.

For the first time in history we may have finally an approach that can help Morgellon's sufferers get their lives back--the King DietSM (go ahead and Google "King Diet," along with boosting glutathione.

Many parasite sufferers have participated in what I call the "glutathione trials" in December of 09. The result was that boosting glutathione had an overall significant positive impact--the most impact I've seen in over 15 years of writing updates for my subscribers suffering from parasites.

Of the Morgellon sufferers 85% noticed substantial improvement in getting rid of brain fog, inflammation and joint pain, and fatigue. Noticeable improvement was also notice in skin color, diminished breakouts and intensity of skin eruptions. However, double the recommended dosage was required to attain this level of improvement.

Of the Collembola sufferers, only about 45% noticed substantial improvement and that was probably my fault as I did not know to recommend double dosage of the Max product. Personally my inflamed very painful knee became near normal again.

Overall, boosting glutathione is one of the most effective thing skin parasites sufferers do in the fight to get their lives back. A sufferer of Morgellons who has complications of brain fog, headache, difficulty walking, and damage to her teeth, writes, "I've been boosting my glutathione for a week or more, and the difference in the way I feel IS amazing. Since I have been on this diet for 2 weeks. This has been such a relief for me, 

Getting the glutathione booster and staying on the diet, the foggy feeling did go away, and you did say it would. And yes, I know you are not a Dr. but you said it would help with the foggy feeling and after about a week even the headaches have gone away. So by staying on the diet and doing what you have said to do in the book things are looking like my life is changing for the better and can finally see the light at the end of tunnel. I KNOW we still have a lot of work to do, but I know that everyone is on board and is helping me as I am unable to stand or walk for too long before my legs and back get so bad that I have to sit down./font>
I pray the Lord will see me though this I am so thankful to feel like me again. I  want to thank you for hanging in there with me and letting me know this was not going to be an easy journey, but with the help from your book and the Good Lord with me, I WILL get though this. Again thank you. God Bless you, and may you keep helping others who are going though this nightmare and think that they are alone in this and then finally find the help. I will pray for others that are going though this to find your book and get the help that you offer, Thanks for everything and will keep you in touch of our progress." KT

One additional note about vitamins:
Max One contains no additional vitamins. It is recommended that to provide the nutrients glutathione needs in your body to create and maintain excellent health that you also take supplemental vitamins and minerals.

 Take a well balanced vitamin such as The Complete Nutritional System by Rainbow Light available in most health food stores. I would also recommend taking a mineral supplement that I’ve used personally for nearly a decade, Xooma, which you can order through me on auto ship from another company for about $35/month. Xooma comes in packets that are added to your daily drinking water. The minerals are dispensed into the water and consumed in ionic form.

After you’ve experienced the phenomenal results in improvement of your physical health, you may want to share this glutathione accelerator (Max) with your friends and acquaintances.  Inquire for more details.

It's important to note that there are several types of skin parasites:
1. Collembola (spring tails)
2. Stronglyloides Stercoralis
3. Morgellons
Although all three are known to create intense itching and biting of the skin, Morgellons is further characterized with hard nodules under the skin, fibers that grow from the skin and lesions that are fluorescent under ultra violet light, and cotton like fibers found on bedding and clothing.

Recently I've found that the glutathione accelerator at twice the recommended dosage plus the King DietSM and specific medications relieves itching and biting from Collembola. It also boosts immune functioning and greatly diminishes side-effects of brain fog, muscle pain and inflammation that often result from long term infection of these parasites. Those who get their lives back from these parasites use the King DietSM, specific medications, the MaxOne glutathione accelerator, and specific nutrients along with disinfection of body and surroundings as specified in my book--How to Get Your Life Back from Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites.

Note that the capsules are vegetable based and MaxOne is hypoallergenic. 


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